White Water Rafting Ohio

According to the Ohio EPA 2009 Integrated Report, (Shown Below) “Biological and water quality monitoring conducted in the Whitewater River mainstream assessment unit (lower 8.26 miles of stream located in Ohio) in 1995 and 1996 showed full attainment of the designated EWH aquatic life use based on biological criteria. This is one of the few large Ohio rivers with 100% attainment of the aquatic life use and that supports exceptional aquatic communities.” This makes the Whitewater River one of the cleanest rivers in the state of Ohio.

Pictured Left – This is an aerial view of the Whitewater River’s confluence with the Great Miami River. It is a perfect example of how clean the Whitewater River is.


We are proud to be operating on the Whitewater River. According to the Ohio EPA, the Whitewater River has Exceptional Water Quality, making it the cleanest river in the tri-state.

The Green Acres Whitewater River Cleanup Program

Green Acres Canoe supports and sponsors clean up on the 8 mile section of the Whitewater River that flows thru the state of Ohio. We are proud to say that according to the Ohio EPA, of the 23 large rivers in the state, the Whitewater is one of three to have an excellent cleanliness rating! We continue to work on maintaining this quality on the Whitewater River with the help of our employees and many of our great customers that bring back “treasures” that they may find. Reusable garbage bags are offered to all of our customers.

We are dedicated in protecting this healthy river for the benefit of people, fish, and wildlife.

Green Acres is proud to help in keeping our environment green and the acres clean!