8 Mile Trip

Canoes & Kayaks


Last Bus Departure Leaves At 1:00pm

3 Mile Trip

3 Mile Trip

Canoes – Kayaks – Rafts -Tubes


Last Bus Departure Leaves At 4:00pm

TRIP ONE – 8 MILES / Our ½ Day Trip

This is our most popular trip. Depending on river conditions, expect to leisurely float down the river for 3-4 hours, but feel free to spend the day. There are numerous beaches and “The Big Island” to stop and relax or to socialize with friends. You must be off the river by 7:00pm.

We start transporting upriver at 9am on weekends & holidays, and at 10am on weekdays with check-ins continuing thru 12:45pm. We do NOT have set departure times. The last 8 mile bus leaves at 2:00pm!

TRIP TWO – 3 MILES / 1 ½ – 2 Hours Trip

This trip is great for the fishermen, folks with young children, for beginners, or persons arriving later in the day. It’s a short time commitment that can be made into ½ a day by stopping at the beaches.

Choose from canoes, kayaks, tubes or rafts at the same rental fee per person. All equipment is on a First Come, First Choice.

We start transporting at 9am weekends & holidays and at 10am on weekdays with check-ins continuing thru 3:45pm. We do NOT have set departure times. Last bus leaves at 4:00pm. Must be off the river by 7:00pm.

Rentals include a river map, two paddles per Canoe, cleaned life vests, safe parking and a safety talk. There are no hidden fees

*Due to new state regulations, we have decided to not allow the hauling & launching of private boats or inflatables from our property. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


Rental Guidelines

All Of Our Available Canoes, Kayaks, Tubes and Rafts Will Be At Our Customers’ Choice, First Come, First Choice!

Canoe –

Canoes are available on the 8 and 3-Mile trips. There is a 2-Person Minimum Charge per Canoe. Children ages 4-10 are free to sit on the floor with at least 2-paying persons. (Please read our restrictions regarding young children). All canoes, including Old Town Canoes, are at our customers’ choice for the same price! There are no upgrade charges!

Kayak –

Kayaks are available on the 8 and 3-Mile trips. Tandem Kayaks requires 2-paying customers.

Tube –

Tubes are available only on the 3-Mile trip only. Allow about 3-hours of leisure floating. We have a large volume of sizes and styles, some tubes also have bottoms. Check-in up to 3:00pm

Rafts –

Rafts are available only on the 3-Mile trip only. These are 6-8 person rafts. There is a minimum charge of 4-paying persons. Children ages 4-10 are free as long as there are a minimum of 4 paying persons per raft. (Please read of children restrictions). Large, hard-plastic coolers are not permitted in a raft due to possible damage. Pets and fishing gear are not permitted in rafts.

White Water Rafting Cincinnati

Please Note if Bringing Children

* Children ages 4 -10 are free ONLY when they are a passenger sitting on the floor of a canoe with at least 2-paying persons or when they are passengers on a raft with at least 4-paying persons. A canoe or tandem kayak requires 2 paying people regardless of age and rafts require at least 4 paying people before any children are free. Single-seated kayaks and tubes require a paying person regardless of the paddler’s age.
* Children MUST be at least 4 years of age AND at least 40lbs. to be permitted on the river.
* All children will be weighed and fit for their life jacket upon check-in.

Green Acres does not permit babies/toddlers on the river trip.

Please check our daily updates for possible restrictions due to the current water level, river or weather conditions. We update daily on Homepage, Facebook and Twitter.

General –

Rentals include life vests for all customers | Please add 7% sales tax per rental | Release of liability waiver (person and/or pet) MUST be signed by all persons prior to departure | Persons under the age of 18 years must have a parent or guardian signature.

Have your own Boat or Tube? Please read.

Due To Bus Transportation State Regulations And Insurance Reasons, We Do Not Provide Transport Service Of Private Owned Watercraft. Our passenger buses do not pull trailers. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Sorry, but our properties are privately-owned and are NOT available to use for free river access.