Litter Gitters
Green Acres Canoe Litter Gitter
become a litter gitter

Attention Kids ages 4-12
Become a Green Acres Litter Gitter and earn a free treat.
Paddle your way to earning a Beaver Sticker!
Here’s How It Works:

  1. Receive your otter sticker upon getting weighed and fitted for your life jacket prior to taking a trip on the Whitewater River.
  2. Use a free Green Acres reusable garbage bag and pick up litter while on the river. (Tires and cigarette butts also apply)!
  3. Upon returning to Green Acres at the end of your paddle, show your litter to the staff at the check-in building.
  4. Pick a treat from our Litter Gitter Canoe or choose a frozen treat (Frozen treats are subject to availability only on weekends and holidays).

Help keep the environment GREEN and the ACRES clean by becoming a Litter Gitter!!!

Paddle your way to earn a beaver sticker
Paddle your way to earn free treat
Kids Green Acres
Become a Litter Gitter