Have you been employed with us before?  Yes No
Has your address changed?  Yes No
Have you ever been convicted of a violation of the law other than a non-moving traffic violation?  Yes No
Do you have access to adequate transportation to travel to and from work?  yes No

Date and Contact Information

Are you over 18 yrs. old?  Yes No
If No, what is your age & birth date? (Complete only if under 18) Should say less than



Did you Graduate?  Yes No


Did you Graduate?  Yes No

High School

Did you Graduate?  Yes No


Please mark your department preference below:

 Any Available
 Bus Driver (CDL required)
 Equipment Transport
 Give Safety Talks
 Equipment Clean-up
 Work “put-in”
 Lifejacket Sizing Support & Load Trailers

Do you canoe or kayak?  Yes No
What date can you start work?
Do you have travel plans between the dates of May 1 and October 1?

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I certify that all facts contained in this application are true and complete.

I understand that any employment is conditioned on a background check. I authorize GREEN ACRES CANOE to verify the accuracy of the information provided herein, and I authorize former employers and educational institutions to release information concerning me to Green Acres Canoe Rental.
I authorize Green Acres Canoe Rental to perform a background check:

I understand that Green Acres Canoe Rental may perform Controlled Substance testing by random selection during my employment. I understand that Green Acres Canoe Rental has a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol and substance use and that my employment will be terminated if company policy is violated.

I authorize Green Acres Canoe Rental to perform a Controlled Substance test if randomly selected:

I understand that falsification, misrepresentation or omission of requested facts may result in denial of employment or, if employed, may result in immediate dismissal. I understand and agree that, if hired; my employment will be for no definite period, will terminate at the end of the current season and may, regardless of the date of payment of wages, be terminated at any time without previous notice and with or without reason, at the will of either myself or Green Acres Canoe Rental. I also understand and agree that no one has authority to promise me job security or continued employment, except the CEO of the Company in a formal written agreement signed by both of us.

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